thaddaeus’ birth story

I woke up on a Saturday morning 41 weeks pregnant and I knew that today was the day. I had been induced with my daughter so for about 3 weeks I kept wondering if “today was going to be the day” I was very wrong many a days.  So on November 16th at 7 am I knew that I would be meeting my soon, soon! My daughter came very fast, so I knew that I would not have a ton of time. Everyone was still asleep which was nice, the calm before the storm. I finished packing my bag had a bite to eat and finished picking up the toys left on the living room floor (why I have no idea!).

At about 9am I got into the shower and told my husband that it was time to call the midwife, my sister (who would be photographing my birth while my brother in law watched our daughter) and time my contractions. At this point I had to pause during contracts and breathe. Getting closer…

I was scared, again, I knew what was about to happen. You would think that the second time around you would have a “No Problem, I got this.” attitude, NOT! It’s called labor for a reason, huh? I am also thinking, “What was I thinking. I can’t have two children? I can’t do this. I don’t know anything about little boys! Is this going to be fast or slow? Is my midwife going to great or awful? I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!!! I take it BACK!!!” You know the usual.

My midwife suggested that we head to the hospital, I live about 5 minutes away but knowing how fast my daughter came she thought better to be safe then sorry. Little did we know she was more than right. By 11am we were at the hospital. I got settled into my room and my WONDERFUL midwife came in (Why was I nervous about her?). Things were really moving at this point. I could not sit still. I rocked and walked and when I could no longer do either I got into the tub. This second time around I could definitely feel every contraction, no zen moments with this little guy! Should have brushed up on my hypno birthing skills. it was time to get out of the tub when I wanted to push, I did not want a water birth nor did I want to grab my baby first. I was so terrified that I would drop him in the water and he would drown! So my lovely midwife and husband helped me out of the tub, it’s never been so hard to get out of a tub in my life! I moved to the bed and literally plopped onto it. I was on my side and I was not moving. My midwife wanted me to move to my left side but I was going to where, who would have thought that turning in a bed would be so difficult?!

So I began to bear down, some urges where stronger than others I just did what my body told me to do. I love that I was able to do that, that I was in an environment that allowed that. So my water still hadn’t broken, the staff asked if I wanted it to be broken but just like with my daughter I wanted as little intervention as possible. Two pushes later I almost took the midwife out with a water explosion, as my husband so lovingly puts it.

It’s go time now, time to get that baby out of me. From what I can recall, which is not 100% reliable I had a few small pushes and then I gave it all I had. Ellie, my midwife, told me to stop but I just couldn’t he had to get out!! So of course as soon as he was out with the one mighty woman push I was so worried I hurt my sweet little boy. Thankfully he was fine, my lady parts were not but he was. In that moment that is all that matters.

After my little boy, who we had yet to name, was born my mind shut off this time. I laid there with my little boy and he latched himself right on, not correctly of course but at that moment who cares.

I remember looking up at my husband and asking :What time is it, that was so much longer than with Annaka (my daughter)? “Beth it’s only 12:00pm” We had only been there for an hour, I could have sworn it had been HOURS!

We rested and I eventually showered. It was wonderful. Kyle looked up at me and said “How about Thaddaeus?” I loved it and our little man had a name.

When I document my children’s stories they seem to be a little uneventful, thankfully. But just like lots of mothers I was scared, it hurt and at some points I did not want to push any longer. I went into both of these situations knowing what questions to ask and having a wonderful support team. I am grateful for the nurses and midwives at Mercy Hospital that supported me in my decisions and most of all for my husband who was able to speak for me and when I wasn’t able to.



One thought on “thaddaeus’ birth story

  1. I love the birth stories! My brother, Paul, did year team with Kyle. 😉 I’m just a sucker for birth stories or anything about pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, etc. I did natural childbirth for all three of mine too.

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