Dear Fellow Social Media Mom…


These are some of my most recent view-able phone photos. The others were repeats, Annaka took my phone or of inventory. From this it looks like I’m healthy, taking my kids cool places and letting them do cool things. It also looks like I am somewhat maintaining a social life. The truth is that what is happening in between these photos is SO MUCH MORE. It’s better than the photos, it’s worse than the photos and everything else. It’s my REAL LIFE.

Here is where this thought is coming from, I forget, I think that we all forget that there is so much more to each of us that what we see on Facebook and Instagram. So here is my little… rant? request? prayer? begging? rambles? Whatever it is here it goes.

Dear Fellow Social Media Mom,

Please stop judging each other. We are on this very difficult, exhausting, all consuming ride together. Kids are hard work all of them, all the time! Some days feel so terrible that I would like to just erase completely from my mind. Either because my kids were horrible or I was horrible or my husband and I are fighting or maybe I am just failing at life.

Please stop assuming that just because one mom post all smiling happy photos of her kids doesn’t means she is lying to us all, trying to make life seem perfect. Maybe that is just when she has a hand free for a minute to take a photo. Maybe it means that when her kids are screaming, crying and throwing fits she is trying to manage them and doesn’t have time to post a photo of “Real Life” photo.

Maybe you have a mom friend that rocks Pinterest like no other, she is always a Pinterest win. All she post all the time is her amazing Pinterest crafts and sometimes it makes you want to vomit with jealousy; but what if instead we celebrated her. Let’s like that post and heart that post all day long; cause let’s be serious how many mothers are really appreciated for all they do. You know that her 3 year old isn’t saying, “Wow mom this party was so fantastic. I love that My Little Pony cake you stayed up all night making. I really appreciate all that you do. Oh, and sorry I was kicking you in your bed for the only three hours you were “asleep” last night; cause I know you were up most of the night working on this party for my friends and family to enjoy.”

We all have that friend that can manage to cook a healthy meal for her kids EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. #momwin Let her have that win, maybe she can share some tips with you. I have one mom friend that Rocks her socks off when it comes to meal prep but can never remember where she put her car keys. No one is perfect!

Some children RARELY have fits and total meltdowns in the middle of Target. They are so obedient don’t talk back and seem to always do what they are told. Cry for a minute it’s okay to feel sorry for you self for a hot second as your toddler is yelling on the floor screaming because you gave him the red bowl and not the blue. Then move on.  You can bet your bottom that this mother has other areas that she is working with her child.

If you have a mom friend who seems to be rocking it in the Direct Sales game always happy and seems to be making millions of dollars, does that bug you? Turn off notifications. When you see her ask her how she doses it all? How is she always happy? How is she waking up at 6 am to rock her business when you are barely able to make it out of bed when the baby wakes up. I would bet you that she has her struggles too.

The point is that, FACEBOOK IS NOT REAL LIFE! None of it is, no matter how candid someone is or how many good and bad photos that are posted it’s still just a tiny snippet of someone. It’s just not possible to know all of anyone from Facebook alone. This is why it is so important for face to face relationships. It’s so important to meet up with someone have coffee or a drink with them and really get to know them. See who they really are!

That’s it, I’m done. I am guilty of this as well guys. I can see photos and post on Facebook and Instagram and be jealous or frustrated, mostly jealous of what they have and I don’t have. Or what they are doing and what I am not doing. At the end of the day who cares! Just BE YOU! With all the uglies and imperfections just be who you were designed to be and keep working on those imperfections, we’ve all got them.

Lately I have been focusing on, “your vibe attracts your tribe.” Looking for my tribe while figuring out my vibe. Like I mentioned earlier we are all on this wild ride together and finding people who love us, the real life person us is so important. Get past the social media and building true lasting relationships. Some will be home runs and some will be misses, but you’ll never know till you try….

Love you guys, now go find your tribe!



world’s okayest mom’s summer bucket list

Thrive Summer-13

Ok, I am one week into summer, YIKES. For some reason the days are feeling long. The kids are waking up and after a few snuggles are asking to go play outside. I had to make the rule, “No one can go outside until I have my coffee”. So far it has not worked one day.

I see all of these list going around Facebook and Pinterst. I LOVE them. I make them. I post them. I don’t do them. This year I thought to myself, Let’s be real Beth; how is this summer really going to go?”

So I’m making my realistic list.

  1. Start my day with a shower even if that start time is 10am.
  2. Don’t yell at the kids so much.
  3. Drink more ice coffee.
  4. Fit into my bathing suit enough so I’m not embarrassed.
  5. Take the kids to the beach at least once a week and try not to remember sunscreen.
  6. Avoid places that MAY have ticks.
  7. Make Kyle grill more.
  8. Visit as many ice cream places as possible with or without kids, preferably without. They eat all my ice cream
  9. Don’t let the baby fall down the stairs.
  10. Don’t let any of the kids drown.
  11. Prepare to wake up earlier than I have in a while to get Annaka to school on time in September (Gotta start mentally preparing).
  12. Take more photos.
  13. Out of two camping trips planned have ONE successful night.
  14. Go on an overnight BY MYSELF!
  15. Eat S’mores

This is my list. It’s nothing fancy. Maybe we’ll be able to cross a few off maybe we won’t. I’m okay with that.

Cheers to summer, cheers to motherhood and surviving it with laughter, grace and a whole lotta mess.

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when my greatest joy stops being enough

Spring 2017-6wm

Being a mother is my favorite job and I have had A LOT of jobs. It’s the only one that if I quit I would feel more empty than relieved. If I got fired I would cry, be miserable and feel less than for a long time. I would beg for the job back and promise to improve cause let’s be real if I were to get evaluated at the moment I would get a good old “needs improvement”.

I am starting to understand that children really are “our greatest masterpiece”. If today was it for me, if I was fired from this mom position (and I’ll be honest some days I wish I was fired.) it would be the job that I would feel the most proud of. No matter your parenting style you are the one who keeps them from being A holes. You have the responsibility to make sure that these gross, smelly, sticky little humans, known as children or offspring turn out to be decent additions to the world. People who leave a mark on the world in some way; they turn out to be a little bit better than who you turned out to be. Or at the very least someone who says please thank you and stops throwing blocks at people’s heads by the time they are 2. No big deal, that is not an intense amount of responsibility or anything.

My children fill my cup some days, not everyday.  Sometimes it feels like they are taking way more than I am capable of giving. Then I stop and think about it; there is nothing better than snuggling in bed in the morning watching a Story Bots together. I love when we are all squished on the little couch reading books. Being the only person your baby wants when they fall is a nice little ego booster. I love seeing them grow, change, learn, discover. Those little monsters sure do know how to keep me humble and boy oh boy have I learned more than I would have liked to from them. Truth be told I love being a mom.

Then why doesn’t it feel like enough? Why do I feel a little bit empty and unfulfilled some days. Is it when I am unshowered, haven’t brushed my teeth in who knows how long; is it the fact that most days it’s hard for me to actually finish a full coherent sentence? Is that what it is? I’m not really sure.

The days when the house is clean the kids are happily playing together nicely dinner on the table and a clean bra on those are the wins. I feel like, I got this, I can do this! Then bedtime happens, and I am back to feeling….. what is this feeling?

So I try to fill this…this whatever it is. I workout for a week, fill out my calendar, make a meal plan, shop, volunteer for things, have a girls night. None of it works though long term. So where does that leave me?

So about a year ago I started selling LuLaRoe. It seemed like a great way to help bulk up our savings and help support my retail therapy; because for whatever reason being responsible for three little lives isn’t enough (What is that?).  Recently I hopped into a group for retailers only from one of the tops dogs. I love her, I think she is fantastic and I wish we could be buddies. She loves her job, it fulfills her,  it fills her cup. She has been having morning motivational tips and when I watch them I actually feel worse? Not because of her but because I feel like damn why don’t I love this as much as her? What DO I love about this? Why am I doing this? Why am I staying up late? Spending weekends away from my family? Then I asked the more important question she was asking, “What motivates you? What fills your cup? Why am you doing what you do?”


I can’t help it I am a relationship junkie. I want to know all about YOU. I want to know what makes you tick. I want to share any little bits of knowledge that I have to share. I want to encourage, share my failures and wins. This is what I have loved about any job that I have had,getting to know the people. When I get to build on current relationships. Foster new ones and strength old ones. I have also always loved connecting people. It wasn’t until last week that I realized this is a gift. It’s not just something I am good at by chance. This is something that I am now realizing is something God has gifted me with, which I believe that when the big guy gives you a gift you better put it to good use.  You better figure out how to use it best in the best way to bless others. Thinking about ways to use this gift fills my cup.

Thinking that there is more to me than wiping butts, emptying dishwashers and trying not to loose my cool is relieving. Thinking that I may have other gifts than raising small people, cause let’s be real, that’s a gift, is like, PHEW!

So when I finally had a little time to breathe, get out of my own head and stop trying to fill my void in my own strength I began to not feel so… whatever that feeling is. When I stopped asking ME what I could do and starting focusing more on Jesus, more on how I can serve others the best way he has created me to do the more it became clear that just being who I have been created to be will fill me up. It’s okay to have OTHER joys, other things that get me out of bed in the morning, because I was created for more than just the very important role of mom. I have many talents, skills and interests. Just like all the other wonderful mothers I know and love.

So there it is, when I focus on loving people, serving those who cross my path, it makes these fleeting moments with these little faces my greatest joy.