Dear Fellow Social Media Mom…


These are some of my most recent view-able phone photos. The others were repeats, Annaka took my phone or of inventory. From this it looks like I’m healthy, taking my kids cool places and letting them do cool things. It also looks like I am somewhat maintaining a social life. The truth is that what is happening in between these photos is SO MUCH MORE. It’s better than the photos, it’s worse than the photos and everything else. It’s my REAL LIFE.

Here is where this thought is coming from, I forget, I think that we all forget that there is so much more to each of us that what we see on Facebook and Instagram. So here is my little… rant? request? prayer? begging? rambles? Whatever it is here it goes.

Dear Fellow Social Media Mom,

Please stop judging each other. We are on this very difficult, exhausting, all consuming ride together. Kids are hard work all of them, all the time! Some days feel so terrible that I would like to just erase completely from my mind. Either because my kids were horrible or I was horrible or my husband and I are fighting or maybe I am just failing at life.

Please stop assuming that just because one mom post all smiling happy photos of her kids doesn’t means she is lying to us all, trying to make life seem perfect. Maybe that is just when she has a hand free for a minute to take a photo. Maybe it means that when her kids are screaming, crying and throwing fits she is trying to manage them and doesn’t have time to post a photo of “Real Life” photo.

Maybe you have a mom friend that rocks Pinterest like no other, she is always a Pinterest win. All she post all the time is her amazing Pinterest crafts and sometimes it makes you want to vomit with jealousy; but what if instead we celebrated her. Let’s like that post and heart that post all day long; cause let’s be serious how many mothers are really appreciated for all they do. You know that her 3 year old isn’t saying, “Wow mom this party was so fantastic. I love that My Little Pony cake you stayed up all night making. I really appreciate all that you do. Oh, and sorry I was kicking you in your bed for the only three hours you were “asleep” last night; cause I know you were up most of the night working on this party for my friends and family to enjoy.”

We all have that friend that can manage to cook a healthy meal for her kids EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. #momwin Let her have that win, maybe she can share some tips with you. I have one mom friend that Rocks her socks off when it comes to meal prep but can never remember where she put her car keys. No one is perfect!

Some children RARELY have fits and total meltdowns in the middle of Target. They are so obedient don’t talk back and seem to always do what they are told. Cry for a minute it’s okay to feel sorry for you self for a hot second as your toddler is yelling on the floor screaming because you gave him the red bowl and not the blue. Then move on. ¬†You can bet your bottom that this mother has other areas that she is working with her child.

If you have a mom friend who seems to be rocking it in the Direct Sales game always happy and seems to be making millions of dollars, does that bug you? Turn off notifications. When you see her ask her how she doses it all? How is she always happy? How is she waking up at 6 am to rock her business when you are barely able to make it out of bed when the baby wakes up. I would bet you that she has her struggles too.

The point is that, FACEBOOK IS NOT REAL LIFE! None of it is, no matter how candid someone is or how many good and bad photos that are posted it’s still just a tiny snippet of someone. It’s just not possible to know all of anyone from Facebook alone. This is why it is so important for face to face relationships. It’s so important to meet up with someone have coffee or a drink with them and really get to know them. See who they really are!

That’s it, I’m done. I am guilty of this as well guys. I can see photos and post on Facebook and Instagram and be jealous or frustrated, mostly jealous of what they have and I don’t have. Or what they are doing and what I am not doing. At the end of the day who cares! Just BE YOU! With all the uglies and imperfections just be who you were designed to be and keep working on those imperfections, we’ve all got them.

Lately I have been focusing on, “your vibe attracts your tribe.” Looking for my tribe while figuring out my vibe. Like I mentioned earlier we are all on this wild ride together and finding people who love us, the real life person us is so important. Get past the social media and building true lasting relationships. Some will be home runs and some will be misses, but you’ll never know till you try….

Love you guys, now go find your tribe!