They say that when you have little kids time flys. That one day you are wiping butts and the next day you are sending them off to college. I belive this to be true 100% and the more that you add to the tribe that faster it seems to go. I am always wishing for more hours in my day, more time.

With baby number three I have really been thinking about my relationships with other moms. I read this INCREDIBLE book, Women are Scary, and I LOVED it.

It’s reminded me how important relationships are with not only other moms but all the women in my life. It’s also helped me realize, this is me, messy house and all, take it or leave it! Some will take it and some will leave it and it’s all okay.

The card in this photo is from one of my best friends from high school. Her and I REARLY talk since we have had children. We are both so busy, when she is in town we always do our best to get together, most of the time it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I am so grateful for this relationship as well as many others that I made before I had children. Like any relationship there was time and energy put into it. We worked at it, most with ups and downs but always closer and stronger at the end.

What I am realizing is that now more than ever these woman that God has put into my life are more valuable and more precious with each passing year. Maybe it’s that as we get older and life gives us trails we need our girls to help us through, maybe it’s the older we get the wiser we get. Even though sometimes days turn to weeks and weeks turn into months before I get to connect with them it’s so important that we put in the effort. A text, a message on Facebook, a like or a comment, email or good old fashion snail mail like this beauty. It’s so important to invest in these relationships and let each other know that we are thinking about each other, praying for each other, walking with each other.

Looking back at my experiences in life school, moves, jobs. I have always made a lasting friendship. These are the most valuable thing that I gained. So even though time is precious and there never feels like enough of it, especially once you have children. Your momlationships are worth it. They are worth the time, energy and emotions. we need each other. We need the love and the grace that women are so good at giving each other when they want to.

So to each of my nearest and dearest old and new,

You are so precious to me you have made me a better person, better wife, mother, friend and Christian. I am who I am because of you! You matter to me, you are important to me. I think about you often. I am praying for you. I am beyond thankful that you have been put into my life. You came at just the right time.

Thank you for being patient with me, loving me and forgiving me.

I adore you.



it takes a village


For some reason 8 Weeks feels like a milestone to me. I have no idea where I got that idea. I am almost positive that no one is sleeping all night or nursing less at this point but it feels like an accomplishment.
In the past people always offer to help, bring coffee, play with the kids, whatever; and I have always turned it down, Life is so busy and people have so much to do. I have always felt as though I didn’t want to be a burden for anyone. Third time around all bets are off. Don’t offer if you don’t mean it cause I’ll say yes to ANYTHING! I’ll take what I can get and I’m not afraid to ask for help this time.
I’m so glad that I did. So far I have learned that I have an incredible village. You hear the term and you sometimes see some of it in action but I was blessed this time to really see that I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams.
I want to take this opportunity to thank my village. To thank the people who watch my bigs while I had the baby, who stopped by and played with them. To both of my moms groups who made so many delicious meals. Thank you for the gift certificates that helped us in a pinch. To all my friends who brought coffee to a very tired an weary momma. To all the encouraging phone calls, text, Facebook post and lovely flowers that keep me going.
I know I am missing something or someone. Please know that your thoughtfulness has not been unnoticed or unappreciated. I could not have made it this far with out all of my wonderful friends that the Lord has blessed me with. I am the mother I am because of you.
I hope that one day I can return the all the love that has been shown to us.

Two years with Thaddaeus

Dear Thaddaeus,

When I first found out I was having a little boy I was filled with excitement and utter fear. Some of my thoughts were “I don’t know anything about boys! I hate playing in mud and being dirty. What do little boys play with? I am the worst at sports!” Man, was I so silly, because all a mother ever needs for any baby is love. The rest falls into place. That is why the Lord gives you daddy’s and siblings.

I feel like I remember little from this year. You began climbing out of your crib too early for my taste so we have been very tired. Teaching you to stay in your bed for bed time was a challenge. You still like to come and join us in bed most nights. Daddy says you like to snuggle up right under his chin, one day we will miss those snuggles. You love climbing just like your sister. You continued to eat everything in sight, including cheeseburgers. You love to play ball, run, body slam, paint, fly, jump, dance and run around naked.

You have fallen into your big brother role like a champ. You love to give Enoch lots of hugs and kisses. I think that you are missing mommy time but most days you handle it well. You also love playing with Annaka, she stated preschool this year and you seem to really miss her when she is gone. You also seem to enjoy having free range with all the toys.

You are so cleaver. One of the best problem solvers. You really enjoy puzzles of all types. Very few things seem to stump you, it amazes me.

Your cuddling days are fewer than they use to be, which I miss. Sometimes you wipe away my kisses which I am not ready for. 😦 Your laugh is one of the sweetest sounds. Your vocabulary is growing every day. You are repeating most everything we say, sometimes even putting together two or three words. No seems to be your most favorite word and when you don’t know the answer to something you shrug your shoulders, I adore it.

You are now a two year old, fast moving, rough and tough, ball of energy. You have a smile that lights up any room. Your eyes are full of warmth and love. I can not imagine our family with out you. Even though you seemed scary to me at first you are only scary sometimes. You teach me how to be a little kinder, more patient and much braver.

Thaddaeus Finn, I love you through and through, every last little bit of you my boy.

Happy, happy birthday to you kiddo.

It’s been a good summer

I can’t believe that it already smells like fall outside and kids are going back to school. Even though Annaka doesn’t start preschool till September I’m still feeling the end of our days together, already feeling sad and missing her. I think that she is going to love it so much, she talks about school all the time. It’s really only  4 hours a week she will be gone but this momma is still terrified, hopefully I don’t pass that fear along to my sweet girl who can’t wait to play with her new friends.

We have tried to keep busy this summer, enjoying beautiful sunny days and playing outside whenever possible. I’m so thankful that our little backyard makes them happy. Ah to be happy about the simple things in life, that’s a great way to be. I learn so much from my children everyday and I’m so thankful for that.

Smith Summer-1-44Smith Summer-1-46Smith Summer-1-42We have been enjoying the beach and collecting sea snails.

Smith Summer-1-36We have begun to build a “nest”.

Smith Summer-1-40 Smith Summer-1-39On rainy days we paint.Smith Summer-1-38 Smith Summer-1-35We enjoy pizza and watermelon outside.

Smith Summer-1-3 Smith Summer-1-4We find new ways to use older toys with Mimi.

summer 2 (2) summer 2 (1)We collect bugs with Nic”ie” and Auntie.

Smith Summer-1-37We draw with chalk, well I sit and watch if I can’t get on the ground.

Smith Summer-1-41We clean off the dirt from a good days play and lick the bathroom door clean.

Smith Summer-1-22 Smith Summer-1-21We visit chicks at our friends farm, thanks Lindsey and Amelia!

Smith Summer-1 Smith Summer-1-33 Smith Summer-1-32We celebrated Fourth of July with sparklers.

Smith Summer-1-29We pick flowers and blueberries in our yard.

Smith Summer-1-28We fight crime in the garden.

Smith Summer-1-7 Smith Summer-1-6 We try Pinterest projects.

Smith Summer-1-13We ride in wagons around the yard.

Smith Summer-1-25 Smith Summer-1-24 Smith Summer-1-23We went strawberry picking, or course!!

Smith Summer-1-26We take selfies.

Smith Summer-1-31 Smith Summer-1-8We enjoyed popsicles, yummy!!!

Smith Summer-1-34We looked for spiders.

Smith Summer-1-27We practiced riding a bike.

Smith Summer-1-14We learned to help mommy cook.

Smith Summer-1-11We grew a baby. (26ish weeks)

Smith Summer-1-10 Smith Summer-1-12We snuggled, lots.

Smith Summer-1-17 Smith Summer-1-16 Smith Summer-1-15Annaka and I went on dates/photo shoots.

Smith Summer-1-19 Smith Summer-1-18We walked around in diapers and undies.

Smith Summer-1-9 Smith Summer-1-5We got bigger.

It’s been such a great summer and we plan to enjoy these last few weeks. What have you been going this summer? Have a blog? Link it in the comments.

Smith Summer-1-20

Number 3 Girl or Boy, what will it be???

Well, we have been getting sleep. I am brave enough to go to the grocery store with my kiddos and we have a lovely routine. So we thought we would add another one to the bunch and keep life interesting.

We thought about waiting to find out what we were having but I just couldn’t do it, I HAD TO KNOW!!!! So what better way to tell the world than through pictures. Enjoy….

Gender Reveal My Kids-1-8 My Kids-1-9 My Kids-1-10 My Kids-1-12 My Kids-1-11 My Kids-1-13 My Kids-1-15


My Kids-1-14It’s a BOY, and as you can see Kyle is trilled and the children were afraid of the balloons.

Thaddaeus Turns One

dear thaddaues,

happy, happy birthday my son. I am behind, terribly behind for blogging for you. please know that it is not because you are less loved. I have thousands of pictures of you as well as all of your milestones marked down on the calendar. I just have a little less time to sit on the computer these days. my days are spent with you and your sister, playing, eating, singing, dancing, throwing balls, making peanut butter sandwiches, loading and unloading dishes, washing and folding laundry and changing diapers. so unfortunately that leaves less time to update the world with photos of your sweet face and telling everyone all the wonderful things that you are doing. Below is a little update.

you are such a ray of sunshine my sweet fella. when i found out that we would be having a little boy i was at first terrified, who the heck knows what to do with little boys, i sure didn’t. but you make it easy for me sweet baby bear. you have been walking for a couple months now and are no longer falling over after a step or two. you absolutely adore your big sister, she makes you smile like no other. i love to hear you giggle, you are very ticklish and sometimes when i am changing your diaper i can’t help but nuzzle my nose into your arm pit. every now and then you still like to wake up in the middle of the night to say hello, i can’t say that this is my favorite part of the day but i do try and soak up those extra little snuggles where i can. snuggles are hard to come by with you, you are always on the move, fast, fast! you are still nursing 5ish times a day, (wow) along with taking two naps! so that does not leave a lot of room or time for people food. but when you do eat you do very well, you enjoy oatmeal with raisins, eggs, broccoli, raspberries, apples, grapes, cantaloupe, rice with peas and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. you currently have 8 teeth, can pick up cheerios with your thumb and pointer finger, you say ma ma ma and da da da. you love bath time especially when you can dump cups of water onto the bath floor. these are of course just a few of the wonderful things that you have done and are doing.

what a year it has been Thaddaeus, it has gone by fast. you are wearing size 18 month clothes i can’t believe how much you have grown. i am always excited to see those tiny glimmers of the person that you are becoming.

Thaddaeus we love you, we adore you, you make days sometimes harder but mostly brighter. i love seeing how God perfectly placed you in our lives at this time. he sure knows what he is doing. i am daily trying to do my best for you and your sister make the right choices. i mess up, lots, thankfully you and your sister are very forgiving. but the two of you make your father and i better people, you make us more selfless, more thoughtful, patience. we are doing our best to give you the best life we think you need. doing our best to protect you from all harm and hurt (a lot harder than you would think).

i love you son. i love your smiles, bright eyes, long rat tail, chubby legs, round belly and bouncing energy. i’m beyond thankful that you are my son and that i get to watch you grow.


Month 7 and 8

Thaddaeus you have grown leaps and bounds these past two months. So much that it is hard to keep up with you and your sister. First of all we finally started you on solids. You seem to love all food, so far you have tried: bananas, blueberries, oatmeal, avocado, summer squash, multigrain crackers, red peppers, strawberries, applesauce and eggs.  You even tried some of my smoothie the other day and of course, loved it. You really know how to get around now.  On July 12th you started to army crawl, not very far but enough to get what you want. If you see something and you want it, you go after it. Little distracts you, you have some determination little guy. You don’t miss anything going on around you, you examine everyone and everything. You can sit up very well in the bath by now and enjoy bath time with your sister. You adore your big sister she makes you laugh like no other, you light up whenever you see her or when she screams in your face. You also want to be just like your big sister, eating whatever she eats, playing whatever she plays.  You slept all night once these past two months, it was fantastic but on a regular basis you still enjoy and snack or two at night. Back in June on the 19th you enjoyed your first bech day. you enjoyed yourself but also enjoyed sitting in the shade too. On the 20th is when you started to scoot backwards. 4th of July weekend was a big one for you, you enjoyed strawberry picking and mostly eating, had lunch in the park, enjoyed some time at your auntie and uncles house and on the 6th you discovered that you could sleep on your belly. Finally to celebrate your 8 months of life on Earth you had avocado with black beans and rice. You also decided that you wanted to pull yourself up while taking a bath.

So like I said it was a busy, busy couple months for you. Thaddaeus you are such a joy. I love when you smile and belly laugh whenever we tickle you. Sometimes I wish you were a little more cuddly because you are so rollie and soft. I adore you my sweet, sweet boy. You make my long nights a little bit sweeter and my exhausting days brighter. I am so glad you are part of this family. I can’t wait to learn so much more about you as you continue to discover the world around you.


We all love you so much my dear sweet Thaddaeus Finn.