enoch’s birth story

They are not kidding when they say that each baby is different, I was 41 weeks and two days when this little guy decided to enter the world. Both boys had the same due date November 9th, but this time I was READY to have a baby at about 38 weeks, if not sooner. I had my midwife appointment and told her if this baby does not come within 24 hours of my visit I wanted to take some action, get him OUT! Well, he must have heard my plea and early Wednesday morning we had a baby.

I had my midwife appointment, which was all good news. I was 4 cm along and I got a good sweep, which if you know what this is, I’m sorry. I went home feel as one usually feels after any appointment where they are check and poking. I was feeling crampy and decided to take it easy, easier said then done. I had a feeling to would be hard to sleep, but I gave it a go around 9:30 the kids were in bed and I had dinner. Kyle had a work call so I watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S in bed. I realized at about 11:30pm that I probably wasn’t going to sleep, unlike my lucky husband laying next to me. My contractions didn’t feel regular enough or intense enough to go to the hospital, so I waited. Thaddaues came to our room at about 1:30am, climbed into our bed and woke up Kyle. I guess at that point Kyle was hearing something familiar cause he suggested we call the babysitter and midwife. I still wasn’t convinced so I said I’ll get in the shower let’s call the midwife first. From that phone call we ended up calling Miriam, our babysitter, and she got there in a flash, THANKFULLY!

The drive to the hospital is always the LONGEST and most PAINFUL ride of my life. So glad we only live 5 minutes away. Kyle walked me up to the birth center at Mercy Hospital. From there it goes like this. I waited/contracted in my room while Kyle parked the car. He texted his parents at 2:40am to let them know that we just arrived at the hospital. The doula arrived, the midwife informed me I was 9.5 cm, and unfortunately the photographer had no chance of getting there. Our sweet little boy was born after 11 minutes of pushing at 3:06am.

I remember hearing two things that I could not wrap my brain around, “I can see the head, you better get Jerri (midwife).” I was thinking, “I’m sorry, WHAT, THE HEAD?!!” I was sure they were wrong. There was some pushing, the feeling of, “OOOUCH, this HURTS!” Then I remember hearing Jerri saying “Grab your baby momma.” I thought to myself and I think even said, “Baby? What baby?” It all happened so fast. My brain did not have time to catch up with my body. What a crazy experience. If we ever had another Kyle would need to read up on how to deliver a baby at home.

I still can’t believe that our sweet little guy came so fast after being in there so long. It really is so amazing what our bodies are capable of doing.

As always I was so anxious that something would go wrong, but as always the Lord gave us another healthy baby. Each one of my children is such a testament to the grace and power of God. He is always so faithful in all circumstances.

So here we are three little kiddos, two pets after 8 years of marriage.