Mother Beth , Maine Tinker 2017 -2-29

I am Beth. This is my personal (as personal as anything can be with three children) blog. The man you see in my photos would be my husband Kyle. Thank the Lord for Kyle, when he is not driving me crazy, he is kind, forgiving, faithful and hardworking for his family. Always supportive of whatever this scattered mother is up to.  We also have our very barky dog Gus. We are living here in Maine and for the most part loving, we could do with out the months of February and March.

Since Annaka was born I have been wanting to document our family adventures and happenings! I currently have no newborn at home and am not currently making a human so I have some time to get it together. By time I mean they will all sit and watch TV for an hour while I work/blog/shower/edit/clean/cook/email/facebook. Let’s be real sometimes that hour turns into two hours.

I always have an obscene amount of laundry, dirty floors on the weeks that I don’t have my house cleaned (by another person that is), a VERY long to do list and goal list; what mother doesn’t have those two list. I have two selves of books I need to read to improve my motherhood/self/business/relationships/and so on.

We use essential oils, try to make a menu so we don’t eat Little Caesars pizza every night. I recently started homeschooling (crying a little into my 3rd cup of coffee), we use cloth diapers and we live in 1000 sq feet.

All in all it’s a good life not a perfect life but a really good life. Not because we have it all together or because we are super good at anything, we are really quite average; but because of lots of grace, lots of forgiveness, giving into the chaos most importantly a LOT of Jesus.

So glad you are here.


photos courtesy of: Maine Tinker Photography


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