What’s the blog for?

I originally had this blog when we started the whole baby thing. Kyle’s family is on the West Coast as well as some of my family, I have friends all over the United States, what better way to keep in touch? I also felt that it would keep me picking up my camera as well as sharpen up my editing skills. I guess too, that I have this deep dark desire to say all these profound things that can help all the sleep deprived, perfectly imperfect moms feel a little bit better, let’s be serious here.

Well, maybe now that I am not quite as tired and I have a few years under my belt, I have nursed and cloth diapered three babes. I (or my husband) have dropped them all at least once. I have had so many failures, a few successes. I yell and scream A LOT. I am saying sorry to my kids all the time, we have countless hugs and kisses here as well as countless timeouts and tantrums. Yet we have survived on Netflix, popcorn, fig bars and peanut butter and fluff. We have fun and we love pretty hard in this house.

So the reason for this blog is because in this house there really are no secrets. So weather sharing my stories is just for the sake of sharing, to help another sweet lady out, or just to embarrass my children in the future here it is.

I hope you enjoy, laugh a little maybe even cry a little but welcome. smith kids


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