Playing catch up.

I can’t believe that the last time I blogged my baby was 6 months old, it’s been a year! I want to first say that not much has been going on here at the Smith house, but how can that really be true with a 5, 3 and 18 month old. Really so much has changed, I have actual kids now, diapers and onesies are becoming a thing of the past. Annaka starts Kindergartner in the Fall, Thaddaeus starts preschool as well. This means I will have ONE child two mornings a week, I won’t be very pregnant and I won’t have a newborn attached to me at all times while a toddler is trying to climb my leg.

Some things of course have not changed. I still drink too much coffee, have a full calendar, a stack of mail to go through and we are still living in our two bedroom apartment.

We still want to adopt and foster, our family is still going to grow but we are about to enter a new part of this journey. So here I am not picking up where we left off, because like Beverly said it’s too much to “catch up” I’ll never get everything down and so I’ll just stay where I am. Stuck with a 6 month old. So we are moving forward. Isn’t that all we can do in motherhood when we feel bogged down, behind. The feeling that we will never catch up and always feel stuck trying to pick up the pieces, working on that ever growing to-do list. So here is my first step in part of motherhood I’m moving forward.

So here we go.

Thank you to for the lovely Mommy and Me session this past Mother’s Day. ❤


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