6 months and counting

Oh our sweet chubby boy. We made it to 6 months. Enoch is such a joy to our family, nothing but happiness and contentment. Talk about easy going, I guess for us third time really is charming. He falls, bumps his head, gets slammed with toys, shoved over, sometimes ignored and forgotten yet he still always greets with the sweetest smile. We got our “easy” baby. He brings so much joy to us all, his sister and brother both love him so much. Even as I sit here and type he is playing quietly and sweetly on the floor with his toys letting out a squeal of delight every now and then.

Enoch is our most chatty baby, he plays by myself the best. Goes for the things that he needs without waiting for any help, already a go getter. He has been enjoying breakfast with the family. During month 6 he went from barely sitting up to full on crawl. He wasted no time! He is not spitting up as much which means less clothing changes. He loves to pull hair and still enjoys a couple snacks at midnight and 4am. He wants to always be part of the action, like to walk while you hold him and tolerates when you hold him facing out.

We love our boy and I promise we have many more photos of him than this.


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