Dear Mom

279218_565852266858_2482000_o    Becoming a mother has made me more grateful for you than ever. I am thankful for late nights with sick children, doing school projects, staying up late waiting for us to come home. Thank you for making dinner and banana milkshakes for birthday spaghetti dinners. Thank you for encouraging us to play out side and to get dirty and thank you for allowing us to take over the porch with Barbie dolls and baby dolls. Thank you for giving us clean clothes and bad hair cuts. Thank you for reading us bed time stories and giving us all the scrapbooking supplies we needed. Thank you for listening and talking, for advice both wanted and unwanted. Thank you for showing us how to love Jesus and how to tithe. Thank you for writing my philosophy paper and helping me with my Spanish homework. Thank you for popsicles and mac and cheese with hot dogs, thank you for all the things I am forgetting and never thanked you for. Most of all thank you for loving us unconditionally, no matter what, for always believing the best, for speaking for us when our own voices could not be heard, for always encouraging us to be better. Thank you for being you and the best mom for Allison and Me. I love you mom and I’m sorry I don’t say it enough or call enough. I am thankful that my children have the chance to know you and cuddle with you and do art projects with you.

I wish there were better words thank THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!

I love you Mommy,


420961_10151264061311240_118238618_n 1008855_453015714815880_1510690943_o IMG_9235

Also thank you to all the other moms in my life, thank you for loving your children and sacrificing so much for your children. Thank you for teaching me how to be a better mother.


And to my two perfectly made for me littles who (kinda) call me momma, you are my everything, you exhaust me and frustrate me like no other at times but I have never loved two small people the way I love you. I can not imagine a life with out you. Thank you for making me a mommy.




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