Month 5


It’s amazing how different your children can be. I just read my 5 month blog for Annaka to see where she was ( Annaka 5 months old ) the differences are crazy. I mean I guess we aren’t really the same parents, we are more experienced, more confident, older, somewhat wiser. Yet these two kiddos couldn’t be more different, you kind of wonder if they really share the same DNA.

Thaddaeus seems to love being a baby, he loves snuggles and nursing. He never wants to be put down he always wants to be held and VERY close. He is in no rush to roll over, sleep more than 3 hours at a time and be more than 3 inches away from mommy during the night. He is still full of giggles and smiles. it’s hard to ever feel frustrated with this easy going, little monster. Thaddaues just goes with the flow, he is never really fussy, unless he is very tired, hungry or wants to be held. He really loves his big sister, he lights up whenever she is around and you can tell that he is just dying to be able to play with her. Our not so little man has broken his first tooth and is now wearing size 9, he is a big fella. Oh and he just started to sit up towards the end of this month!

After reading Annaka’s blog I felt so bad that we have not given Thaddaeus a better schedule, maybe that is why he is not sleeping too well. I also feel bad that I have not been as diligent blogging for him. I can tell you one thing, that little guy is not lacking in cuddles!

Everyday is such an adventure with my two littles, everyday has different challenges and different joys. They are both growing so fast I just can’t keep up. I am exhausted all the time, thirsty most of the time and hungry often. But just as everyone says, these times are not forever and one day I will miss my sweet, adorable, cuddly, funny children. I wouldn’t change any of it for a minute, well maybe for a few minutes while I caught up on some sleep.

Enjoy our pictures.

IMG_8525 IMG_8537 IMG_8546 IMG_8570 IMG_8584















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