Sweet Thaddaeus Three and Four Months

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So our very sweet little boy is now almost to five months old. I feel so bad that I haven’t blogged for him. So here I am trying to post about our super sweet boy in between feedings and baths.

Dear Thaddaeus,

You are the sweetest boy that ever lived. You love to be help, all 18lbs of you! You are so content with life, you hardly ever fuss unless you are hungry or tired. You laugh and I mean like huge belly laughs, I LOVE it, it makes me smile every time. You are still eating every two to three hours around the clock. Mommy is getting a little tired these days, hoping you start sleeping a little longer soon. You have grown out of all 3-6 month clothes. YOU ARE HUGE and CHUBBY! You love to be held and be close to mommy and daddy. You ADORE your big sister and are dying to be able to get up and run and play with her. You like to put everything into your mouth and you drool all over it. You bring such joy to us Thaddaeus we are so thankful that you have been given to this family. I can’t wait to continue to see you grow, it is already happening so fast. Soon you will have teeth and be eating solids then you will be crawling and running. Life happens so fast little guy and I am trying not to miss any of it.

I love you Thaddaeus Finn

What you did at 3 months: Grabbing toys with both hands, turning towards mommy’s voice, starting to get into a sleeping and eating habit, Put away all your 0-3 month clothes, can reach for objects and follow objects with your eyes, Loves to be held and part of all the action, had your first cold, Laughs so hard, was baby sat by Miriam (and of course you were FANTASTIC!) You also got your first vaccinations

What you did at 4 months: Turns towards name (sometimes), Won your sister over, brings toys to mouth, sat up in Bumbo and LOVED it, was babysat by your Auntie and Uncle (did ok), Smiled all the time


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